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I am currently employed as an Industrial+Technical Designer at TEAGUE Aviation Studio in Everett, WA. I consult on the design of aircraft interior commodities for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, including lavatories, interior architecture, furnishings, and seats. I was a core member of the 777X Lavatory design team from 2015-2017, and am currently a part of the development of an interior for a new commercial airliner. 

My responsibilities at TEAGUE include:

  • Creating experience-driven, customisable aircraft interiors for airline clients
  • Understanding and interpreting engineering and regulatory constraints in commercial aviation 
  • Creating sketches, renderings, and presentations to communicate design intent to project stakeholders
  • Complex CAD modelling, surfacing, and large assembly management
  • Designing and facilitating the construction of 1:1 aircraft scale mockups for design validation and user testing
  • Creating detailed documentation to ensure design intent is maintained through production