Citation Hemisphere Concept


In the summer of 2014, I had the opportunity to intern with Textron Aviation's Industrial Design team at the Mid-Continent Airport Campus in Wichita, Kansas. I worked with an interdisciplinary intern team of aerospace, mechanical, and electrical engineers, and industrial and interior designers. We developed a blue-sky interior concept for Textron's new product, the Citation Hemisphere business jet. 


The solution we arrived at was a modular aircraft interior, targeted at a charter/fractional ownership business model.

We approached the aircraft as an architectural space, split into public, private, and transitional spaces.


Phase 1 of the project involved market research and formulating a thorough understanding of our client base to identify opportunities for products and services. We interviewed industry experts within the company and spoke to existing customers. Based off their responses and our own insights, we created three user profiles to design for.


The next step was to express our insights as tangible experiences. We were provided with a full scale tent mockup of the cabin size we were designing for. We promptly placed some prototype chairs and the office couch in it to begin testing out some of our concepts. A 1/4 scale model was built to visualise some of our ideas.


Phase 2 of the project involved the interior and industrial design interns working with Textron Aviation's Industrial Design team to refine the aesthetics and style the concept interior. We also constructed a full-scale foam-core mockup to refine forms and dimensions. 

Collaboration with Alex KottenBrent LastCory LambertKyle Kravitz, Phillip Coyle, Sarah GreenleeShelby Kiser, and the Textron Aviation Industrial Design team.